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The MiSCAN MVS-HYPER and MVS-APEX vision systems combine advanced image processing with tactile scanning measurements.
  • The MVS-HYPER 302 can be equiped with either the MPP-Nano probe or SP25M scanning probe.
  • MPP-Nano is a high accuracy scanning probe for measurement of minute parts and uses stylus modules with tip diameters varying from 125 up to 500 µm.
  • MVS-HYPER 404 and MVS APEX 404 models are equipped with the SP25M scanning probe for standard scanning jobs with medium size measuring range.
  • The MiSCAN Vision Systems are driven by the powerful combination of MCOSMOS and VISIONPAK-PRO software to guarantee maximum functionality for both non-contact and tactile measurements.
  • All the benefits of the standard QUICK VISION HYPER/APEX systems are also incorporated in the MiSCAN Vision systems
MiSCAN 302
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MiSCAN Apex 404
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MiSCAN Hyper 404
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