• QVPAK controls multiple sensors: CCD, Touch Probe, continuous scanning devices, special UMAP or LNP probes.
  • Powerful mathematical algorithms are provided that help you to detect difficult edges via noise filters (similar to morphological filters) and advanced detection tools that take into account the texture of the target surface.
  • Partprogramming and editing is made easy with the user friendly Easy Editor.
  • 3D graphic display or measuring planes display with the QVClient QVGraphic.
  • QVPAK also offers you various QVClients (standard), real assistants for users (programmation mode) or operators (production mode) such as QVSmartEditor and QVNavigator.

Optional software modules for Quick Vision System
  • Formtracepak-AP-QV for 2D contour analysis
  • Formtracepak-Pro for 3D surface analysis
  • QV Part Manager for managing the execution of parts programs of multiple parts
  • Easypag-Pro for offline generation of part programs from 2D CAD data
  • QV3DCAD-online for online generation of part programs from 3D CAD files
  • MeasurLink for statistical process control (SPC)
  • QV3DPAK for 3D topography measurements (see explanation below)
  • For more information refer to the Vision Measuring Machines brochures

Optional PFF Function (Points From Focus)
  • PFF enhances the functionality of standard QV models with 3D topography measurements
  • No additional sensor necessary
  • High scanning range in Z axis from 2.7 mm upto 40.6 mm depending on the objective lens in use and in wide range mode
  • PFF is a retro fittable option for Quick Vision ELF, Quick Vision APEX/HYPER, Quick Vision ACCEL and Quick Vision ULTRA.
    Please contact your local Mitutoyo office for more detailed information.
Price on application
Price on application
Price on application