2 • Hi gh- i ntens i t y 4 -quadrant LED r i ng l i ght gene rat es shadows to h i gh l i ght edges that otherwise would be practically invisible. • H i g h - s p e e d i m a g e a u t o f o c u s a c h i e v i n g h e i g h t m e a s u r e m e n t n o w standard equipment. • Measurement s thus far per formed separate l y us ing an opt i ca l measur ing instrument and an indicator are now integrated into one machine. • Hi gh - speed 7X opt i ca l zoom wi th an i nt e r changeab l e ob j ec t i ve l ens un i t prov i de s sha rp and br i ght image s . Mea sur e s de t a i l s tha t cannot even be recognized when using digital zoom. Vision Measuring Systems QUICK SCOPE QS-L Height measurement now available from one machine Highlights hard-to-see edges Reliable small-parts measurement

3 Page 5 Page 4 Page 4 Page 5 Page 11 H a r d t o m e a s u r e r e l i a b l y u s i n g regular microscope lighting S o m e e d g e s c a n n o t b e a c c u r a t e l y detected and captured when us ing o n l y t h e r i n g l i g h t a s e d g e h e i g h t and shape are so variable. Unsure about the integrity of measurement results to be submitted to customers Indistinct image using ring light Height measurement results are not stable Cannot measure micro dimensions due to low magnification Some micro forms cannot be measured with only a digital zoom. Measurement of the width of microrecessed-forms cannot be accurately performed due to low magnification Edge measurement of a stepped feature cannot be performed correctly Some de s i red edge c on t r a s t c anno t be obtained with a simple dimension measur i ng dev i ce that has genera l l y low magnification due to deep focus depth Height measurement wi th a contact probe Positive edge detection with co-axial light Edge capture with the ideal magnification is always available Measurement of micro radii is easy with the correct magnification Measurement with optimized optical zoom is available Image autofocus Measurement accuracy in the Z-axis (4.5+0.006L) µm Problems with simple dimensional measuring devices Problems QS-L solutions Image autofocus offers sure and highly accurate measurement of target height with the minimum clamping of a workpiece Edge measurement using a combination of co-axial light, ring light and transmitted light 7 X o p t i c a l z o om u n i t w i t h i n t e rc h a n g e a b l e o b j e c t i v e l e n s e s e n a b l e s t h e me a s u reme n t o f s ma l l p a r t s E d g e s c a n e a s i l y b e c a p t u re d w i t h t h e i n t e rc h a n g e a b l e o b j e c t i v e l e n s z o om u n i t I ma g e a u t o f o c u s f u n c t i o n i s e q u i p p e d a s s t a n d a rd Mitutoyo provides inspection/calibration services using reference instruments that are traceable to the national standard

4 Generic technology realizes accurate measurement 1X objective (optional) 1.5X objective (s t andard a cce s s o r y) 2X objective (op tional ) Optical zooml magnification 0.5X 0.65X 0.75X 0.85X 0.98X 1X 1.28X 1.3X 1.5X 1.7X 2X 2.25X 2.5X 3X 3.5X 3.75X 4X 5X 5.25X 7X View field Horizontal (H) (mm) Vertical (V) 13.10 10.08 8.73 7.71 6.72 6.55 5.14 5.04 4.37 3.85 3.28 2.91 2.62 2.18 1.87 1.75 1.64 1.31 1.25 0.94 9.84 7.57 6.56 5.79 5.05 4.92 3.86 3.78 3.28 2.89 2.46 2.19 1.97 1.64 1.41 1.31 1.23 0.98 0.94 0.70 Total magnification (on the monitor) 19 25 29 33 38 38.5 49.5 50 58 65.5 77 87 96 116 135 145 154 193 202 270 1X objective (optional) Working distance ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● 74 mm 1.5X objective (standard accessory) Working distance ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● 42 mm 2X objective (optional) Working distance ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● 42 mm Note: The total magnification indicates the magnification on the monitor when the QSPAK video window size is the default 252.7 x 214.9 mm. LED device 1X 1.3X 1.7X 2X 3X 4X 5X 7X 2X objective (optional) Cutting tool 0.75X 0.98X 1.28X 1.5X 2.25X 3X 3.75X 5.25X 1.5X objective 2.5X 1.5X 3.5X 1X objective (optional) 2X 1X 0.85X 0.65X Plastic molded article 0.5X Objective lens Newly designed 7X optical zoom unit with interchangeable objective lenses securely captures measurement targets from wide-field to micro form. In addition, 4X digital zoom is available using software. 7X optical zoom unit with interchangeable objective lenses offers reliable small-parts measurement

5 S i n c e n o n - c o n t a c t m e a s u re m e n t re q u i re s o n l y t h e m i n i m u m c l a m p i n g o f t h e w o r k p i e c e , h e i g h t measurement can be performed efficiently. Also, in contrast with laser-equipped measuring devices, height measurement is less influenced by the surface roughness of the workpiece. Image auto focus Measurement accuracy in Z-axis (4.5+0.006L) µm Sectional view The view may vary depending on the type of method used for lighting the workpiece. The QS-L can capture edges accurately by switching between transmitted lighting, co-axial lighting and ring lighting. Transmitted light Co-axial light Ring light 4-quadrant LED ring light Back Front Right Left Dual-area contrast tool Brightness tool Lighting tool (Contrast and brightness) The lighting tool offers automatic setting of the ideal light intensity so that constant brightness can be maintained. It also eliminates data dispersion caused by lighting conditions. Co-axial light Transmitted light Ring light High-speed image auto focus enables highly accurate height measurement LED light unit offers a high degree of freedom for reliable edge measurement

6 Many commands enable fast measurement One-click edge detection Eliminates confusion between results and points Detection tools matched to targets User-friendly operation guidance Large screen makes detailed operations easy A w i d e c h o i c e o f c o m m a n d s i n c l u d i n g v a r i o u s d i s t a n c e a n d i n t e r s e c t i o n p o i n t mea sur ement s enab l e s ea s y and r e l i ab l e mea sur ement . C i r c l e s , l i ne s and do t s a r ound t he me a s u r emen t point can be read out instantly with one cl ick of the mouse. S ince measurement resul t images are di spl ayed, confus ing resul t s that can occur with just showing measuring points can be eliminated. Detection tools can be selected according to the measuring point in order to capture edges with high accuracy. W h e n a c o m m a n d i s s e l e c t e d , a n e x p l a n a t i o n o f t h e c o r r e s p o n d i n g operation method is provided. All the functions needed for measurement are displayed on one screen; measurement can be performed by simply moving the mouse. Large images enable users to measure details with ease. Software enables easy operation and reliable measurement QSPAK Pattern tool One-click line tool

7 Remove influence from breakage and burrs by excluding abnormal points Template function Form tolerance is also supported Identifies desired measuring points quickly Totalization of daily measurements can be easily performed E r roneous mea sur ement po i nt s caus ed by dus t adhe r i ng to a wor kp i ece i n c l u d i n g b r e a k a g e a n d b u r r s a r e a u t oma t i c a l l y r emo v e d . T h e r emo v a l threshold can also be set easily. The template function making forms visible is featured for the first time. T h e a u t o t r a c e t o o l e n a b l e s t r a c k i n g a n d a c q u i r i n g c o n t o u r s o n t h e s c r een by copy i ng aut oma t i ca l l y. • Mea s u r i ng po i nt s c an be qu i ck l y f ound i n the g r aph i ca l wi ndow. • Ope r a t i ons on mea sur ed e l ement s us i ng gr aph i c s can a l so be pe r formed ea s i l y. CSV ou tput of mea s ur ement r e s u l t s i s ava i l ab l e s o tha t they can be us ed f o r s t a t i s t i ca l da t a p r oc e s s i ng wi th Ex ce l . Concentric circle template User template Option The optional MeasurLink software provides the statistical p r o c e s s c o n t r o l ( S P C ) c o n t r o l c h a r t s , h i s t o g r a m s a n d process capability indexes. Option The FORMTRACEPAK-AP optional analysis software can provide advanced dimensional analysis. In addition In addition

8 Manual Vision Measuring Machine with Motor-operated Z-axis QS-L/AFC Specifications Remote box Model QS-L2010Z/AFC QS-L3017Z/AFC QS-L4020Z/AFC Order No. 359-713 -10 359-714 -10 359-715-10 Drive method X/Y axes: Manual Z axis: CNC with autofocus Measuring volume 200×100×150 mm 300×170×150 mm 400×200×150 mm Resolution / Scale type 0.1 µm / Linear encoder Accuracy *1*2 X axis, Y axis (2.2+0.02L) µm Z axis (4.5+0.006L) µm Accuracy guaranteed temperature range 20±1 ºC Observation unit *3 7X zoom (8 steps) interchangeable objective lenses (1X objective 0.5X - 3.5X; 1.5X objective 0.75X - 5.25X; 2X objective 1X - 7X) Image sensor 3 Megapixel, CMOS color camera Illumination Transmitted light white LED Co-axial light white LED Ring light 4-quadrant ring light (LED) Dimensions (main unit, WxDxH) 624×711×729 mm 692×857×837 mm 757×867×837 mm Stage glass size 250×150 mm 370×240 mm 450×240 mm Maximum stage loading 10 kg 20 kg 15 kg Mass (main unit) 70 kg 160 kg 167 kg *1: Inspected to Mitutoyo standard. L = measuring length (mm) *2: 3X lens magnification or greater *3: 1X and 2X objective lenses are optional Adjustment knob for co-axial light, transmitted light and ring light intensity Emergency stop switch x, y and z-axis reset buttons Outer: Jog-shuttle (Z-axis fast feed) Inner: Jog dial (Z-axis fine acceleration) Data input button Zoom switch button Auto focus button Speed adjustment knob

9 External dimensions (MAX.825) (MAX.761) 711 50 1800 900 1469 205 729 (740) 945 624 100 100 QS-L2010Z/AFC ■Exclusive table ■Stage adapter, Stage adapter B ■V-block with clamp ■Swivel center support ■Holder with clamp Order No. Stage adapter: 176-304 Stage adapter B: 176-310 Application S o m e o p t i o n a l p r o d u c t s r e q u i r e t h i s b e m o u n t e d o n the measuring machine. Note) A set consists of 2 sheets. Order No. 172-378 Maximum supportable diameter: 25 mm Center height from the mounting surface: 38 - 48 mm Order No. 172-197 ±10° swivel is avai lable, minimum readable angle 1° Suitable for measurement of screws * Adapter B (176-310) is separately required for size 2010. * Adapter B (176-304) is separately required for size 3017 and 4020. Order No. 176-107 M a x i m u m l e n g t h of the clamp 35 mm Order No. 02ATE760 External dimensions 1800(W)×900(D)×740(H) mm Mass 60 kg 1577 247 (740) 987 (MAX.956) 656 150 150 837 1800 (MAX.942) 857 85 900 QS-L3017Z/AFC 1577 247 (740) 987 1800 900 837 (MAX.1157) (MAX.957) 857 100 757 200 200 QS-L4020Z/AFC Option ■Calibration chart Order No. 02ATN695 Application This corrects the pixel size of the camera, the accuracy of automatic f o c u s i n g a t e a c h m a g n i f i c a t i o n and optical axis offset. ■Foot switch (Solid type) Order No. 12AAJ088 ■Turntable with fine adjustment (A), (B) 62 9.5 13 (0.7) (137.618) (96.361) ø28 8 19 13 23.2 220 282 342 342 Clamp screw (x2) Rotation knob Clamp screw M6 ø241 (Inside diameter of the table) ø245 (Outer diameter of the stage glass) ( t r l 270 ø238 (Effective diameter of the stage glass) me st ø 4-C 58 ø 120 70 50 240 220 37˚ 24˚ 29˚ ø184 (Inside diameter of the table) (103.945) (103.945) 256 12 220 31 220 30 10.5(0.2) 13 23.7 ø28 19 13 8 22.5 280 280 2-ø7hole, Countersink diameter ø14, counterbore depth 4 2-M6, depth 8 2-M6, depth 8 M6 Clamp screw Clamp screw (x2) Rotation knob ø188 (Outer diameter of the stage glass) ( ø ø ø ø182 (Effective diameter of the stage glass) 107.5 900 685 1580 1800 30 740 30 60 ø 89.1 28 430 (A) (B) Order No. 176-305 176-306 External dimensions 280(W)×280(D)×24(H) mm 342(W)×342(D)×23(H) mm Effective glass size (mm) ø182 ø238 Note) V-block stage, swivel center support and holder with clamp can be fixed on the table.

10 Optional software Geometrical tolerance, contour degree evaluation and micro dimension analysis can be performed on the basis of the contour data obtained using a quick scope. MeasurLink Real-Time is the Statistical Process Control (SPC) software that displays statistical processing results including control charts, histograms and process capability indexes in real-time based on data collected through the quick scope, measuring devices and systems. The software helps prevent generating scrap by tracking dimension variation trends so that early preventive action can be taken when a process is seen to be about to produce product outside the tolerance limits. Thi s sof tware creates inspect ion sheets f rom data col lected by measur ing devices and systems ( including the quick scope), using a layout offering a high degree of freedom. FORMTRACEPAK-AP MeasurLink Real-Time Professional QS-CAD I/F Measure Report • S p e c i f i e s t h e c u r re n t o b s e r v a t i o n p o i n t c o r re s p o n d i n g t o s t a g e p o s i t i o n information. • Can extract design information from graphic elements and omit key input during verification. • Output of measurement results as CAD data is available.

11 Headquarters Excellent reliability Following the establishment of MTI Corporation (U.S.) in 1963, Mitutoyo has been expanding its market presence throughout the world. Currently, the company has R&D, manufacturing, sales, and engineering service bases in 29 countries, as well as a network of distributors in some 80 countries. Mitutoyo maintains its rock-solid status as a leading global manufacturer providing services tailored to each regional society. The world’s top-level global network 販売 研究開発 生産 Mitutoyo Europe GmbH Mitutoyo (UK) Mitutoyo France S.A.R.L Mitutoyo Italiana S.R.L. Mitutoyo Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. Regional Headquarters Mitutoyo Measuring Instruments (Suzhou)Co., Ltd. Mitutoyo America Corporation Head Office MITUTOYO SUL AMERICANA Ltda. Traceability to national standards Mitutoyo's calibration artifacts and instruments that are used to establish machine accuracy specifications are maintained in a continuous chain of traceability to national dimensional standards. This is our customers' assurance of reliable measurement. National Metrology Institute of Japan, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (NMIJ/AIST) Atomic clock synchronized to UTC and the optical frequency comb Working standard Secondary standard Secondary standard National (Primary) Standard Mitutoyo Utsunomiya Measurement Standards Calibration Center (JCSS accredited calibration lab No.0031) 633nm Iodine Stabilized He-Ne Laser Mitutoyo Utsunomiya Measurement Standards Calibration Center 633nm Practical Stabilized He-Ne Laser Interferometer (for standard scale) Vision Measuring System (measuring accuracy) Mitutoyo Kawasaki plant Working standard Mitutoyo Scandinavia No.1794 Mitutoyo UK* No.0332 Mitutoyo Nederland No.K 086 Mitutoyo Deutschland GmbH D-K-15096-01-00 Mitutoyo Schweiz SCS 074 Mitutoyo Italiana LAT N. 107 UK NPL VSL SP INRiM METAS PTB The Netherlands Germany Switzerland Italy Sweden UKAS EA <MRA> RvA DAkkS SAS ACCREDIA SWEDAC * Length and hardness

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