2 Simple to operate and easy-to-perform measurement Powerful backup for your quality control system Re l i ab i l i ty U s a b i l i t y Outstanding improvement in operational efficiency and productivity Eff i c i ency


4 Powe r fu l ba ckup for your qua l i t y con t r o l s y s t em Lets you perform stable and highly accurate measurements regardless of the position within the field of view Stable and highly accurate measurement of large workpieces Gasket L ight alloy die - cas t par t Without sub-pixel processing Edge detection accuracy limited by pixel size Limitation of pixel size removed and edge detection accuracy greatly improved With sub-pixel processing Sub - pixel processing Sub - pixel processing image The highest level of measuring accuracy within the screen in its class Patent regis tered ( Japan) • Accurac y of ±1,5 μm within the screen, repeatabilit y of ±0,7 μm in high- resolution mode (QI - B Series) and a large focus depth. Highly accurate stages • Stages come in various sizes with an accurac y of ± (3,5 + 0,02 L) μm, let ting you per form highly accurate and stable measurement s, and obtain reliable data for any kind of workpiece. Both a wide field of view and high accuracy • Sub -pixel processing enables high-accurac y edge detec tion. Rigid construction • Robust construc tion with a maximum load capacit y of 20 kg and a ver tical stroke of 100 mm allow large workpieces to be measured. Ultra-long working distance of 90 mm • The 90 mm working distance ensures that you can focus, even with stepped workpieces, without worr ying about collisions. Re l i ab i l i ty 240 mm

5 Human errors due to focusing eliminated Outstanding sense of security - traceability to national standards 22 mm Measuring of a c y lindrical workpiece Measuring a s tepped workpiece Utilizes our in-house developed Telecentric Optical System Patent regis tered ( Japan, the U.S. A . and Europe) • Errors due to height within a depth of focus with steps of up to 22 mm are stric tly minimized. Measurement s, in which human errors due to focusing are eliminated, are possible. Mitutoyo. . . Uses calibration ar tifacts traceable to national standards • Mitutoyo has a large collec tion of standard ar tifac t s whose dimensions are traceable to the national length standards in Japan. These ar tifac t s are used to calibrate the specialized equipment used in the calibration of Mitutoyo's measuring tools and instrument s, and so traceabilit y to international length standards is established and maintained. Mitutoyo also provides the ser vice of temperature calibration that is absolutely essential to high-accurac y length measurement. National (Primary) Standard (NMIJ, AIST) Atomic clock synchronized to UTC National Metrology Institute of Japan, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Secondary standard Mitutoyo Metrological Standards Calibration Section (JCSS Accredited Cal. Lab. No. 0067) 633 nm Iodine Stabilized He-Ne Laser Working standard *This chart shows a simplified traceability system of QUICK IMAGE. Standard scale QUICK IMAGE Mitutoyo Utsunomiya Calibration Center (JCSS Accredited Cal. Lab. No. 0031) 633 nm Stabilized He-Ne Laser Mitutoyo Metrological Standards Calibration Section (JCSS Accredited Cal. Lab. No. 0067) Frequency Standard Oscillator

6 S i mp l e t o o p e r a t e a n d e a s y - t o - p e r f o rm me a s u r eme n t One - click circle tool One - click box tool Correc t measurement of a small feature is enabled by zooming in. Multiple field of view s titching image Prompt measurement with the entire workpiece image on screen New U s a b i l i t y Entire view of a large workpiece drastically improves ease of operation and measurement efficiency Stitching function • The newly- developed correc tion algorithm for use in stitching (multiple image -to - image coupling) achieves high-accurac y measurement. The stitching func tion enables a large workpiece that ex tends beyond the visual field to be measured with it s entire image displayed. This allows quick identification of measured and unmeasured point s at a glance. • Af ter a stitching operation, measurement is speedily advanced without the need to move the stage. Simple execution of multiple measurements Easy-to-operate without manual One - click tool • With just one click, anyone can easily per form multiple measurement s. • The outlier removal func tion automatically eliminates abnormal measurement point s, such as dust or burrs, thus enabling accurate and reliable multipoint measurement. EZ mode Design application pending ( Japan) • This mode provides an operation guidance display to guide the operator, even if it is their first time per forming measurement s, so there is no need to keep referring to the instruc tion manual while working.

7 CAD user template Note: QS - CAD I / F is required (available as an option). User template Enhanced rec t angle template Quick- release ring Measurement finished One - click Automatic recognition The position and inclination of a workpiece can be measured even if it has moved. Focusing in on a workpiece like the one shown above is unnecessar y. No troublesome positioning required Simple focusing An intuitive OK/NG judgment of measurement possible Capable of visually capturing an entire image Perform quick measurements even on large workpieces One - click execution function Patent pending ( Japan) • Af ter placing a workpiece within the field of view, the machine automatically recognizes it s position and angle using a pat tern search func tion and then finishes the measurement s. • There is no need for positioning and axially-aligning the workpiece. Wide focus range • Our specifically designed optical system achieves a long focal depth of 22 mm. This allows ef ficient measurement vir tually without time - consuming, focusing task. Template comparison test function • Use the func tion to compare workpieces against their templates to enable OK / NG judgment s to be made at a glance. • The func tion let s you utilize any drawing and CAD model for templates, with the exception of standard templates. Graphics function • The current position, coordinate system, measuring item and measurement result are automatically displayed in a graphics window. The graphics window prevent s omissions and measurement errors from occurring. • 2- D CAD model data can be impor ted (optional) in order to bet ter capture the ac tual full image. Quick release mechanism on the XY stage *Q I -A series, Q I - B series • Quick release mechanisms are built into both fine feed controls on the X Y stage. • This allows the stage to be moved rapidly to bring the nex t measuring point into view no mat ter where it is on the workpiece.

8 342 240 450 610 Take advant age of the large s t age by per forming multiple measurement s with one setup. The measurement result s display for OK / NG can be color- coded to meet your requirement s . User-friendly and convenient XY stage movement New lineup of motor-driven stage models * Q I - C series • The joystick provides an easy, convenient control for coarse and fine feed of the stage. • This ef for tlessly moving X Y stage demonstrates out standing per formance in full - length measurement. • The motor- driven stage automatically moves for stitching by only specif ying it s star t and end point s. Motor- driven s tage Dedicated remote box New Outstanding improvement in operation efficiency and productivity Eff i c i ency Confirm measurement results quickly and easily Capable of supporting a variety of workpieces Video window measurement result display function • Measurement result s can be understood intuitively just by looking at a measurement image. Any out- of-tolerance result data is easily identified by changing it s display color. • A graphic image with measurement data also leads to creation of a user-friendly repor t. • Each OK / NG result is color- coded with it s display color freely selec table. Large stage model and extensive lineup of stages • The large stage allows you to arrange multiple workpieces and measure them in a single setup, thereby, saving valuable time that would other wise be spent in loading and unloading the stage. • X Y measurement range: workpieces up to 400 x 200 mm • 100 mm Z-stroke allows you to measure tall workpieces. • A maximum load capacit y of 20 kg allows you to measure heav y workpieces.

9 Sur face obser vation of black rubber Edge measurement of a s tepped workpiece (high resolution mode) Clear edges Multiple pat tern search Measurement of several workpieces done all at once Simple "OK/NG judgment" of multiple workpieces Simple execution of measurement procedure programs Generate reports and observe – all with one machine Measure multiple workpieces, within one field of view, all at once Tolerance judgment result display function • For faster operation, OK / NG judgment can be seen at a glance. • OK / NG judgment can be done for each measurement item and judgment can be passed on each workpiece. • Prevent s NG data omissions. Program launcher • An automatic measurement procedure program can be stored under a dedicated icon along with a photo and comment s to enable the required programs to be star ted easily. • 10 icons are available and programs can be managed for each operator or workpiece. High- definition color camera • This camera provides high- resolution color images for ef fec tive use in high-accurac y measurement and workpiece sur face obser vation. • Bright color measurement images are easily stored as a file and can be used for creating an easy to understand measurement repor t. Locate and measure multiple workpieces with just one click • Use pat tern search func tion for multiple workpieces within one field of view and measure them all with one - click. This eliminates the need for accurate positioning of workpieces and cumbersome setup of fix tures. Automatic measurement procedure program s torage window Program launcher icons High-accuracy measurement with bright and clear images Wide field of view / high-resolution mode • The high- resolution mode produces the same wide field of view as the normal mode that operates with a deep focal depth and can therefore share a single measurement procedure so that seamless measurement s can be executed. • The shallow depth of focus in high- resolution mode shows the edges of stepped workpieces more clearly, making measurement s highly accurate. Enhanced illumination Patent regis tered ( Japan) • The enhanced illumination func tion of the high- resolution mode enables measurement s of low reflec tivit y workpieces, like rubber and black resin moldings, to be per formed with a clear image.

10 Progressive die-pressed parts Measuring a tiny stepped workpiece O-ring Measuring a stepped workpiece Weatherstrip Switch sheet measurement Measure a diameter and position of each hole. You can see and measure edges easil y with jus t one quadrant of the r ing light prov iding illumination. Enhanced illumination is ver y ef fec ti ve for low ref lec ti v it y mater ials such as rubber and black resin. (Use r ing illumination in high - resolution mode + enhanced illumination.) Measure with simple focusing. E xecute a pat tern search unrelated to position and f inish measur ing in one click. The color camera allows enhanced obser vation and measurement of workpieces . I t is bes t suited for inspec tion of pr inted mater ial and creation of a repor t. Measurement examples

11 QIPAK (two modes) enables quick and easy measurement Powerful edge detection functionality enables fast measurement Outlier removal Auto trace tool Dual-area contrast tool Removes outl iers caused by anomal ies such as debris, burrs and chips. Automatical ly detects the edges of unknown contours and obtains point group data. Point group data lets you perform contour form analysis and design value comparison using FORMTRACEPAK-AP (optional). Automatical ly sets the amount of i l lumination so that the contrast between two regions is maximized. Users can also set the optimum intensity to suit the workpiece. EZ mode (Simple measurement mode) PRO mode (General purpose measurement mode) Simple execution and editing of programs Smart editor This function allows XY-stage target position, illumination condition, etc., to be separately displayed as icons or labels in the list of part programs (automatic measurement procedure programs), thereby simplifying program editing. Editing an illumination condition according to the dialog Editing a circle tool within the video window Editing design values and tolerances according to the dialog Standard software QIPAK

12 Early detection of process irregularities Centralized process management software: MeasurLink Statistical data can be displayed in real-time, making early detection of process irregularities possible. Early identification of an out-of-control situation enables rapid remedial action to be taken when necessary. Examples of remedial action • Mold repair or c ycle -timing change • Cut ting tool adjustment or replacement Effective use of CAD model Measurement support software: QS-CAD I/F 2-D CAD model data (DXF-, or IGES-formatted) can be imported into QIPAK. Conversely, QIPAK measurement results can be converted into 2-D CAD model data. The design value for each measurement item is automatically entered. Since the graphics window makes the present location easy to identify, operator can quickly move the stage to a given point in the 2D CAD model. Easily handle sophisticated dimension and contour evaluations • A contour measurement is easy to make. • Per form contour matching against design value data. • You can define vir tual circles of a given diameter enabling over-pin diameter analysis to be per formed. Contour evaluation and analysis software: FORMTRACEPAK-AP Data processing software for advanced form analysis that careful ly reads point group data acquired via tools such as the auto trace tool. E xample of gear contour matching and an over- pin diameter anal y sis Table Order No.: 02ATE760 Dimensions: 1800 (W) × 900 (D) ×740 (H) mm Mass: 60 kg Foot switch Standard type Order No.: 937179T Rigid type Order No.: 12AAJ088 Stage adapter sets V-block with clamp Swivel center support Holder with clamp Order No.: 172-378 Max. supportable diameter: ø 25 mm Center height from mounting face: 38-48 mm Dimensions: 117 (H) × 90 (W) × 45 (D) mm Mass: 0,8 kg Note: An adapter set is required. Order No.: 172-197 Can be set to an inclination angle of ±10°, in minimum increments of 1° Max. supportable dimensions: • When horizontally positioned: ø 80 × 140 mm • When tilted at 10° angle: ø 65 × 140 mm Mass: 2,5 kg Note: An adapter set is required. Order No.: 176-107 Maximum clamp length: 35 mm Dimensions: 62 (H) × 152 (W) × 38 (D) mm Mass: 0,4 kg Note: An adapter set is required. Stage size 1010 2010 2017 3017 4020 176-304 Stage adapter — ○ 176-310 Stage adapter B ○ — Note: One set consists of two adapters. 107.5 900 685 1580 1800 30 740 30 60 ø 89.1 28 430 Clamping of thin workpieces such as PCBs and pressed parts Clamping of cylindrical objects Quick data entry while gripping the handle These are used when connecting some optional peripherals to the measuring device. Clamping of a workpiece between centers for effective thread diameter and depth measurements Optional application software and accessories Order No.: Stage adapter: 176-304 Stage adapter B: 176-310 Dimensions (1 piece): 50 (W) × 340 (D) × 15 (H) mm Note: The stage adapter B is 280 (D). Mass: Stage adapter: 1,5 kg Stage adapter B: 1,2 kg

13 Dedicated to the QI main unit This stand allows increased freedom of system layout by separating the main unit from the PC. Manua l s t ag e mo d e l Moto r i ze d s t ag e mo d e l 0. 2 X Mo d e l Q I - A1010 D Q I - A 2 010 D Q I - A 2 017D Q I - A 3 017D Q I - A 4 02 0 D Q I - C 2 010 D Q I - C 2 017D Q I - C 3 017D 0.5 X Mo d e l Q I - B1010 D Q I - B 2 010 D Q I - B 2 017D Q I - B 3 017D Q I - B 4 02 0 D M ea sur i ng rang e ( X ×Y ) 10 0×10 0 mm 20 0×10 0 mm 20 0×170 mm 3 0 0×170 mm 4 0 0× 20 0 mm 20 0×10 0 mm 20 0×170 mm 3 0 0×170 mm Ef fe c t i ve s t ag e g l a s s s i ze 170×170 mm 242×14 0 mm 26 0× 23 0 mm 36 0× 23 0 mm 4 4 0× 232 mm 242×14 0 mm 26 0× 23 0 mm 36 0× 23 0 mm Ma x imum s t ag e l o a d i ng *1 A pp rox . 10 kg A pp rox . 20 kg A pp rox . 15 kg A pp rox . 10 kg A pp rox . 20 kg Ma i n un i t ma s s A pp rox . 65 kg A pp rox . 69 kg A pp rox . 15 0 kg A pp rox . 15 8 kg A pp rox . 16 4 kg A pp rox . 72 kg A pp rox . 153 kg A pp rox . 161 kg *1 D o e s not i nc lud e e x t reme l y of f s e t o r concent rate d l o a ds Q I - A / Q I - C Q I - B F OV 32 × 24 mm 12, 8 × 9, 6 mm M ea surement mo d e H i gh re s o lu t i on mo d e / N o rma l mo d e *4 Trave l rang e ( Z a x i s) 10 0 mm Accura c y M ea surement a ccura c y w i t h i n t h e s c re en *1 H i gh re s o lu t i on mo d e ± 2 µm ±1,5 µm N o rma l mo d e ± 4 µm ± 3 µm Re p eat ab i l i t y w i t h i n t h e s c re en ( ± 2σ) *2 H i gh re s o lu t i on mo d e ±1 µm ± 0,7 µm N o rma l mo d e ± 2 µm ±1 µm M ea surement a ccura c y ( E1x y) *1 ± ( 3,5 + 0, 02) µm L : a r b i t ra r y mea sur i ng l eng t h (mm) Mon i to r magn i f i c at i on *3 7, 6 X 18 ,9X O pt i c a l s y s tem Magn i f i c at i on ( Te l e cent r i c O pt i c a l Sy s tem) 0, 2 X 0,5X D e pt h of fo cus H i gh re s o lu t i on mo d e ± 0, 6 mm ± 0, 6 mm N o rma l mo d e ±11 mm ±1, 8 mm Wo r k i ng d i s t ance 9 0 mm Came ra 3 mi l l i on p i xe l s , 1/ 2", fu l l co l o r I l lumi nat i on Transmi t te d l i ght : Gre en L ED te l e cent r i c i l lumi nat i on Co - a x i a l l i ght : Wh i te L ED R i ng l i ght : 4 - qua d rant wh i te L ED P owe r supp l y 10 0 -24 0VAC 5 0 / 6 0 Hz Accura c y gua rante e d temp e rature rang e 19 -21º C *1 I nsp e c te d to Mi tu toyo s t anda rds by fo cus p o i nt p o s i t i on. *2 T h e mea sur i ng a ccura c y i s gua rante e d to b e a ccurate w i t h i n t h e d e pt h of fo cus . *3 F o r 1X d i g i t a l zo om (wh en us i ng t h e 22- i nch - w i d e mon i to r) *4 Patent re g i s te re d ( J apan) Specifications Mounting stand Order No.: 02ATX190 Ring light diffusion plate Order No.: 02ATX180 Effective on a diffusely reflective workpiece such as a machined surface. This plate makes the surface appear smooth to obtain an image suited for measurement. The working distance is 76 mm. Optional accessories

14 20 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 10 0 mm (332) (478.5) (268.5) (979.5) 17 849.5 872.5* 125* 271.5* 360 161.5* 90 621 247 90 793 39.5 756.5 80 16 255 270 12 12 168 168 (768.5) (127.5) (177.5) (110.5) 10 0 mm 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 12 168 534 801 711.5* 53.5* 120.5* 360 70.5* 90 551 90 198.5 106 17 678 110 16 215 210 12 168 (768.5) (127.5) (282.5) (195.5) 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 mm 0 10 624 70.5* 551 90 807 711.5* 88.5* 175.5* 360 90 204.5 112 17 678 110 16 215 210 12 12 168 168 mm 0 10 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 20 (132) (277.5) (231.5) (942.5) 857.5* 247 90 849.5 101.5 170.5* 360 146.5* 90 621 39.5 17 793 25* 555 80 16 255 270 12 12 168 168 20 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 10 0 mm (232) (377.5) (231.5) (942.5) 101.5 849.5 90 857.5* 360 220.5* 146.5* 90 621 247 17 39.5 793 75* 655 80 16 255 270 12 12 168 168 Manual stage model QI-A1010D/B1010D QI-A2010D/B2010D Unit: mm QI-A3017D/B3017D QI-A4020D/B4020D QI-A2017D/B2017D QI-A series QI- B series QI-A4020D Manual stage model T h e moun t i n g s t a n d ( 02 AT X19 0 ) i s o p t i o na l . * Va r i e s d e p end i ng on p o s i t i on of X Y s t ag e. Va lu e s i n pa rent h e s e s i nd i c ate ma x imum s i ze. Dimensions chart

15 (208) (193) 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 mm 0 10 86* 547 650 807 17 360 101* 9 90 551 204.5 90 112 678 12 12 168 168 215 16 110 210 (133) (132) mm 0 10 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 20 (240) (844) 110 518 25* 759* 849.5 133* 360 48* 90 621 247 90 17 39.5 793 12 12 168 168 80 16 255 270 20 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 10 0 mm (232) (340) (133) (844) 48* 759* 849.5 110 183* 360 621 90 247 90 17 39.5 793 75* 653 12 12 168 168 80 16 255 270 Motorized stage model Unit: mm QI-C2010D QI-C2017D QI-C3017D T h e moun t i n g s t a n d ( 02 AT X19 0 ) i s o p t i o na l . * Va r i e s d e p end i ng on p o s i t i on of X Y s t ag e. Va lu e s i n pa rent h e s e s i nd i c ate ma x imum s i ze. QI-C series QI-C2017D Motorized stage model

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