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Form Measurement PRE 1576 Contour Measuring System CONTRACER CV-2100 Series

2 Functions are redesigned based on thorough analysis of all contour measurement operations, enabling measurement that is fast, accurate, and surprisingly easy.


4 T h e o p e r a t i o n f l o w i s s i g n i f i c a n t l y s h o r t e n e d b y a r r a n g i n g t h e swi tches for sty lus pos i t ion change, measurement star t / stop, and return o n t h e f r o n t o f t h e d r i v e u n i t . T h e s e o p e r a t i o n s a r e r e q u i r e d f o r e v e r y s i n g l e o p e r a t i o n c y c l e . T h i s c e n t r a l i z e d p a n e l c a n t h e r e f o r e r e d u c e t h e w o r k l o a d o f o p e r a t o r s and improve measurement efficiency. A jog shuttle covering a wide speed range is equipped as standard. The d r i v e un i t c an be mo v ed e a s i l y t o the measurement position by using the jog shuttle. Centralized front control panel New functions to reduce operator workload are actively pursued and functions are blended to deliver a speed performance unimaginable for a standard model. Inside: Fine feed Outside: Coarse feed Speed range: 0.02 - 20 mm/s Easy operation with X-axis jog shuttle

5 The quick-vertical-motion stand al lows operators to swiftly and easily move the drive unit to and from the measurement height without having to push or pull. Moreover, thi s stand i s equipped wi th a s t o p f o r q u i c k re p o s i t i o n i n g t o t h e measurement height, which ensures an easy and highly efficient measurement flow. B y e n a b l i n g f a s t e r X - a x i s m o v e m e n t a n d e n h a n c i n g t h e s t y l u s u p / d o w n functions, the drive unit can return to t h e me a s u r eme n t s t a r t p o s i t i o n a f t e r auto-displacement of the stylus. This is e s p e c i a l l y u s e f u l wh e n mu l t i - l o c a t i o n ( mu l t i p l e - u n i t ) me a s u r eme n t i s b e i n g executed by a part program. A quick-vertical-motion stand with remarkable operability Highly efficient measurement Handle Fine-feed knob Upside Bottom

6 "Pursuing high accuracy is our mission" Introducing a new highly accurate digital scale Easy setup for highly accurate and efficient measurement The detector unit (Z1 axis) is equipped with a highly accurate arc scale. This scale directly tracks the arc locus of the stylus tip so that t h e m o s t a c c u r a t e c o m p e n s a t i o n c a n b e applied to the scale output, which leads to higher accuracy and resolution. The highly accurate digital arc scale not only i mp r o v e s me a s u r eme n t a c c u r a c y , b u t c a n also be set up easily. Measurement range of detector: 50 mm Accuracy: ±(2.5+ | 0.1H | ) μm* Resolution: 0.1 μm (over entire measurement range) * H = Measurement height from horizontal position within ±25 mm Light emitter Circular scale Light receiver The Circular Scale Digital-scale detector Analog detector Narrow High Resolution Constant Resolution Entire measuring range Measuring Range Low Wide Easy setup without concern for the measurement range and magnification. High resolution improves measuring accuracy. Even after setup, the resolution is low. Narrow measurement range and difficult setup. Operators are free from bothersome operations such as measurement magnification switching and calibrating each magnification as required for analog instruments. The combination of high accuracy and excellent operability allows flexible support of a wide range of measurement needs.

7 X-axis inclination mechanism is a standard feature A range of options available according to the application T h e C V- 2 1 0 0 s e r i e s* i s e q u i p p e d w i t h a d r i v e u n i t i n c l i n a t i o n m e c h a n i s m t h a t enables inclined-plane measurement without changing settings. Inclination angle (MAX): ±45 ° (For CV-2100M4) CV-2100N4 Manual column stand for CV-2100N4*2 CV-2100M4 Desktop PC Laptop * 1 : I f t h e C V - 2 1 0 0 N 4 i s o p e r a t e d w i t h o u t t h e dedicated manual stand, the measuring range of t he Z a x i s mi gh t be r educ ed , depend i ng on t he installation conditions. If you are considering using the CV-2100N4 without the stand, contact your local Mitutoyo sales office for advice. *2: Optional accessory (refer to page 13). *1 * For CV-2100N4, a manual column stand No.218-042 (refer to P13) is required (optionally available.)

8 Contour Analysis Software: FORMTRACEPAK FORMTRACEPAK functions offer total support for measurement system control, surface roughness analysis, contour analysis, contour tolerancing, and inspection report creation. To make only a single measurement, you can create a part program in the single mode. To measure multiple workpieces of an identical shape, you can use the teaching mode. Since you can embed the entire flow, from making measurement to printing a report, into a part program, you can efficiently make measurements, analyze data, and output a report. A function is also provided that enables you to insert comments accompanied with photographs at desired timings, e n a b l i n g y o u t o e m b e d t h e r o l e s d e s c r i b e d i n a m e a s u r e m e n t procedure document that specifies important points such as work settings. T o ma k e i mme d i a t e me a s u r eme n t s , y o u c a n u s e t h e p u l l - d own menu to easily select and call up the desired operating procedure. Online help that can be viewed any time is incorporated into the s o f t w a r e . I n a d d i t i o n t o i n d e x a n d k e y wo r d s e a r c h e s , a s t a t u s saving help button, which displays menus and Windows help with a click of the mouse, is provided. You can hide buttons that are not used frequently. For example, you can choose to display only those buttons that are used frequently and increase the s i ze of the di splayed graphi cs window, thereby customizing the window to suit your needs. You c an sw i t c h t he l anguage* t o be u s ed i n t he me a s u r emen t , analysis, and layout windows. After measurements have been made, you can swi t ch t o ano t he r l anguage and c r ea t e a r epo r t i n t ha t language. This function can be used worldwide. * Supported languages: Japanese, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, P o l i s h , H u n g a r i a n , S w e d i s h , C z e c h , S i m p l i f i e d C h i n e s e , T r a d i t i o n a l Chinese, Korean, Turkish, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian and Thai. * Online help function supports only Japanese and English. Measurement control Online help function* Multiple language support (18 languages) Button-editing function

9 Circle and line automatic determination function Using the circle/line auto-fitting command, you can automatically calculate all circles and lines contained in the data without having to click the command button each time. Removal of abnormal points function Irregular defects in the data are filtered out from the calculation. This function can effective when specifying the calculation range for locations at which the boundary between circle and line is difficult to determine. Text output of the calculation result and graphics data You can output the calculation result as text (in csv or txt format), output graphics data obtained from measurements as point-string data to a text file or CAD file (in the DXF or IGES format), or copy the data to the cl ipboard. Combined with commercial document or statistical processing software, this feature can be used to share data with computers that do not have dedicated analysis software installed or execute CAD-based reverse engineering. Contour analysis function A wide var iety of commands, which form the basic elements for analysis, are provided, including those for points (10 kinds), l ines (6 kinds), and circles (6 kinds). A rich set of commands that combine these elements to calculate angles, pitches, and distances, a contour tolerancing funct ion, and a design value generat ion funct ion are also provided as standard features. These functions, combined with the function that allows you to customize the calculation command buttons by hiding less frequently used commands, let you tailor the window according to the user environment. Simple pitch calculation function Y o u c a n e f f i c i e n t l y a n a l y z e t h e p i t c h b e t we e n i d e n t i c a l s h a p e s , such a s a s c r ew p i t ch o r t he d i s t ance be tween c i r c l e s ( cen t e r - t o center pitch), by simply specifying the desired range using mouse operations. Example of range specification for screw thread pitch with rectangular tool. Contour-tolerancing function as a standard feature The best-fit processing function that moves the coordinate values of the design data and measurement data to the optimum positions i s p r o v i d e d a s a s t a n d a r d f e a t u r e . M e a s u r e m e n t r e s u l t s c a n b e displayed as graphics that show deviations of the measured contour from nominal with the tolerance values expanded in each coordinate for easy comparison. Results can also be output as a text fi le, or utilized as feedback data for machining systems. Contour Analysis Example of contour-tolerancing result in graphical form Example of contour-tolerancing results output as numeric values

10 Contour Analysis Software: FORMTRACEPAK Contour Analysis Data combine Data 2 Data 1 Design value generation function You can generate design data from CAD data (DXF or IGES file) or text data. Fur thermore, s ince you can a l so conver t measurement data into design data, you can save parts data prior to use (testing) as design data and effectively utilize it for checking the wear following use (testing). Data combination function You can combine partial data collected separately from a workpiece (made necessary due to shape characteristics) into a single graphic for convenient analysis. Calculation command repetition setting When identical shapes have the same pitch, you can analyze all of the shapes in a batch by specifying a single analysis location and the pitch. Best-fit processing function for measurement point strings This function tries to fit the measurement points to the stored reference data on the same coordinate system. I t can el iminate the effects of a shift that may occur when setting the workpiece during automatic analysis. Data superimposition command You can superimpose two sets of data by detecting their characteristic points. Use the mouse to drag and move the measurement point strings to the desired positions to be superimposed. start point origin point valley peak end point

11 Integrated layout You can use simple operations to lay out graphics obtained from measurements as wel l as measurement results for surface roughness, contour, and roundness on a single page. Furthermore, since the program now allows you to specify a saved file and paste it, you can easily paste results from multiple files. Note: The optional ROUNDPAK roundness/cylindricity analysis program is required. For adaptable version, please contact your local Mitutoyo sales office. Element information bar This bar displays the attribute values of the pasted items, allowing you to easily check the contents of the pasted measurement data files. System layout printing By simply selecting the items to be output, you can automatically layout the page to be printed. Use this feature when you wish to simplify the printing task. Element insertion bar Using the mouse to drag and drop the analysis content displayed in the element insertion bar, you can paste it into the layout. From the contour analysis result, you can also select the analysis result for a circle or line alone and paste it in position. Saving the result as a web page Since you can save the result in html or mhtml format, which can be displayed using Internet Explorer® or Microsoft Word®, you can check the result even on a PC on which no layout-editing program is installed.

12 Optional Accessories 3-axis Adjustment Table: 178-047 Table and fixture systems This table helps make the adjustments required when measuring c y l i n d r i c a l s u r f a c e s . T h e c o r r e c t i o n s f o r t h e p i t c h a n g l e a n d t h e swivel angle are determined from a preliminary measurement and the Digimatic micrometers are adjusted accordingly. A flat-surfaced workpiece can also be leveled with this table. By using Mitutoyo’s 3-axis adjustment table, the workpiece can be aligned and leveled e a s i l y , s i m p l y b y f o l l o w i n g t h e F O R M T R A C E P A K g u i d a n c e . N o experience or special expertise is required. Aligned Not Aligned Path traced by stylus End point Path traced by stylus End point Start point Start point Recorded profiles Guidance display when using 3-axis adjustment table Rotary vise 218-003 V-block 998291 Precision vise 178-019 Cross-travel table 218-001 (mm), 218-011 (inch) V-block with clamp 172-234, 172-378 Holder with clamp 176-107 Swivel center support 172-197 Center support riser 172-143 Center support 172-142 Leveling table 178-043-1 (mm), 178-053-1 (inch) Digital Leveling table 178-042-1 (mm), 178-052-1 (inch) Leveling table 178-016 Calibration stand*1 12AAG175 *1 Required for calibrating in bulk by mounting straight arm/small-hole stylus arm without using cross-travel table and Y-axis table.

13 Optional Accessories 48 260 600 740 100 175 48 260 450 600 25 85 740 12 100 218-042 Vertical adjustment range: 320 mm Inclination angle (MAX): ±45° Dimensions (W×D×H) : 600×450×740 mm Mass: 110 kg Dimensions (Unit: mm) 178-023-1 Vibration isolator Manually charged pneumatic type 178-025 Vibration isolator Automatically charged pneumatic type Example combination*2: with monitor arm but no side table Vibration isolators (Desk types) Manual column stand for CV-2100N4 Vibration isolators (Desktop types), floor stand and tables Example combination*2: with a side table but no monitor arm * Quick-vertical-motion function is not available Vibration isolators (Desk type) 178-188 Monitor arm*1 12AAK120 Side table 178-181 *1 Used together with vibration isolator (178-188). *2 The vibration isolators does not include the measuring unit, controller, and analysis unit Desk types

14 Arms and Stylus 15 155 H ø8 Tip shape: One-sided cut (Tip Angle: 20°) Tip shape: Cone (Tip Angle: 30°) Tip radius: 25 µm Tip Material: Carbide 50 40 ø8 ø4 2.5 h Tip shape: One-sided cut (Tip Angle: 20°) Tip shape: Cone (Tip Angle: 30°) Tip radius: 25 µm Tip Material: Carbide 50 20 ø6 ø3 1 h Tip shape: One-sided cut (Tip Angle: 20°) Tip shape: Cone (Tip Angle: 30°) Tip radius: 25 µm Tip Material: Carbide 50 12.5 ø6 ø1.6 0.4 h 25 145 95 H ø8 One-sided cut stylus Intersecting cut stylus Cone stylus Cone stylus Knife-edge stylus Ball stylus For small-hole stylus SP-11/31 For small-hole stylus SP-12/32 For small-hole stylus SP-13/33 Straight arm Eccentric arm For small hole Tip Angle: 12° Tip radius: 25 µm Tip Material: Carbide ø3 h T ip Angle: 20° T ip radius: 25 µm T ip Material: Carbide ø3 h T ip Angle: 20° T ip radius: 25 µm T ip Material: Carbide ø3 h Tip Angle: 30° (SPH-79 : 50°) Tip radius: 25 µm Tip Material: Sapphire·Carbide (SPH-79: Diamond) ø3 h Tip Angle: 20° Tip radius: 25 µm Edge width: 3 mm Tip Material: Carbide ø3 h T ip radius: 1 mm T ip Material: Carbide h ø3 H ø8 H 15 155 40 stylus * Select an arm and stylus that match the type of measurement you require. Type of arm Arm No. Parts No. Adaptation stylus No. h (mm) AB-51 935111 SPH-51,52,53,54,55,56,57 6 Straight arm AB-61 935112 SPH-61,62,63,64,65,66,67 12 AB-71* 935113 SPH-71,72,73,74,75,76,77,79 20 AB-81 935114 SPH-81,82,83,84,85,86,87 30 AB-91 935115 SPH-91,92,93,94,95,96,97 42 AB-52 935116 SPH-51,52,53,54,55,56,57 6 AB-62 935117 SPH-61,62,63,64,65,66,67 12 Eccentric arm AB-72 935118 SPH-71,72,73,74,75,76,77,79 20 AB-82 935119 SPH-81,82,83,84,85,86,87 30 AB-92 935120 SPH-91,92,93,94,95,96,97 42 SP-11,31 0.4 Small-hole arm AB-11 935110 SP-12,32 1 SP-13,33 2.5 *Standard accessory Type of stylus Stylus No. Parts No. Adaptation arm No. h (mm) SPH-51 354882 AB-51·52 6 SPH-61 354883 AB-61·62 12 One-sided cut stylus SPH-71* 354884 AB-71·72 20 SPH-81 345885 AB-81·82 30 SPH-91 354886 AB-91·92 42 SPH-52 354887 AB-51·52 6 SPH-62 354888 AB-61·62 12 Intersecting cut stylus SPH-72 354889 AB-71·72 20 SPH-82 354890 AB-81·82 30 SPH-92 354891 AB-91·92 42 SPH-57 12AAE865 AB-51·52 6 Cone stylus SPH-67 12AAE866 AB-61·62 12 Tip angle 20° SPH-77 12AAE867 AB-71·72 20 (Carbide) SPH-87 12AAE868 AB-81·82 30 SPH-97 12AAE869 AB-91·92 42 SPH-53 354892 AB-51·52 6 Cone stylus SPH-63 354893 AB-61·62 12 Tip angle 30° SPH-73 354894 AB-71·72 20 (Sapphire) SPH-83 354895 AB-81·82 30 SPH-93 354896 AB-91·92 42 Cone stylus Tip angle 50° SPH-79 355129 AB-71·72 20 (diamond) SPH-56 12AAA566 AB-51·52 6 Cone stylus SPH-66 12AAA567 AB-61·62 12 Tip angle 30° SPH-76 12AAA568 AB-71·72 20 (Carbide) SPH-86 12AAA569 AB-81·82 30 SPH-96 12AAA570 AB-91·92 42 SPH-54 354897 AB-51·52 6 Knife-edge stylus SPH-64 354898 AB-61·62 12 SPH-74 354899 AB-71·72 20 SPH-84 354900 AB-81·82 30 SPH-94 354901 AB-91·92 42 SPH-55 354902 AB-51·52 6 Ball stylus SPH-65 354903 AB-61·62 12 SPH-75 354904 AB-71·72 20 SPH-85 354905 AB-81·82 30 SPH-95 354906 AB-91·92 42 Small-hole stylus (One-sided cut) SP-11 932693 AB-11 0.4 SP-12 932694 AB-11 1 SP-13 932695 AB-11 2.5 Small-hole stylus (Cone) SP-31 12AAE873 AB-11 0.4 SP-32 12AAE874 AB-11 1 SP-33 12AAE875 AB-11 2.5 *Standard accessory Arms (option) Styli (option)

15 12 100 145 70 350 83 100 257 250 (X=50 Position) 348.5 138.5 773 885 450 85 143.5 175 44 121 99.5 600 Measuring area T-groove dimensions (CV-2100M4) 15 15 8 8 Specifications Specifications Dimensions CV-2100M4 Unit: mm CV-2100N4 601 (79) (34) (44) 44 9 80 234 57 348.5 250 (X=50 Position) 73 143 20 44 138.5 34.5 (Z=0 Position) 65 220 50 ø12 下面図 正面図 側面図 CV-2100N4外観寸法図(SCALE 1/5) CV-2100M4 CV-2100N4 Measurement range X-axis 100 mm Z1-axis (detector unit) 50 mm Z2-axis (column) travel range 350 mm — X-axis inclination angle ±45° Resolution X-axis 0.1 μm Z1-axis 0.1 μm Drive method X-axis Motorized drive (0 - 20 mm/s) Z1-axis (column) Manual (quick-up-and-down motion, fine feed) — Measuring speed 0.02, 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 5.0 mm/s Linearity accuracy (X-axis horizontal orientation) 2.5 μm/100 mm Accuracy (20 °C) X-axis ±(2.5+0.02L) μm L = Measurement Length (mm) Z1-axis ±(2.5+ | 0.1 H | ) μm H = Measurementt height from horizontal position within ±25 mm Measurement direction Push and pull Measurement surface direction Downward Measuring force 30±10 mN (3 gf) Stylus traceable angle (Standard accessory stylus) Ascent 77°, Descent 87° (Depends on the surface condition) External dimensions (W×D×H) 745×450×885 mm 651×143×138.5 mm Mass 145.8 kg 5.8 kg Note: While the appearance of the natural stone measuring table varies according to the source, the high stability for which this material is known can always be relied upon.

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