Form Measurement PRE 1575 Roundness/Cylindricity Measuring System ROUNDTEST RA-1600

2 Powerful Analysis Performance in a Compact Form Can measure a wide variety of Workpieces Multi-functional Analysis system High Accuracy High Functionality Realizes a wide measuring range in a compact form • Max. probing diameter: 280 mm • Vertical travel: 300 mm • Max. table loading: 25 kg Incorporates flexible data analysis software ROUNDPAK • Measurement results displayed in a graphics window • Easy to operate thanks to a simplified measurement mode • Can simulate a part program • Includes a detector to prevent damaging collisions in the Z axis • High-precision power column unit can evaluate straightness as well as cylindricity • Equipped with D.A.T. mechanism to boost measurement efficiency • Includes a remote control box for easy operation Compact, but with top-end precision • Rotational accuracy (Radial): (0.02+6H/10000) µm • Rotational accuracy (Axial): (0.02+6X/10000) µm • Accuracy assurance: Z axis (Straightness, Parallelism), X axis (Straightness, Squareness)

3 The table provides high rotational accuracy radial (0.02+6H/10000) µm; axial (0.02+6X/10000) µm, enabling the system to measure flatness and other characteristics, in addition to roundness/cylindricity, at a level that suits any application. The RA-1600 has also inherited the D.A.T. (Digital Adjustment Table) mechanism used in top-end devices to make workpiece centering and leveling quick and easy. The operator simply has to manipulate the digital micrometer heads of the turntable to match the adjustment values displayed on the monitor. Even notched workpieces can be measured accurately. Centering and leveling operations carried out by using the D.A.T.* can also be incorporated into the measurement procedure (part program). This prevents human errors when performing centering and leveling, and helps standardize measurement operations executed by the part program. *Centering and leveling is a manual process guided by the display. M e a s u r e m e n t w h i l e t r a c i n g i s possible through a built-in linear s c a l e i n t h e X - a x i s . T h i s t y p e o f m e a s u r e m e n t i s u s e f u l w h e n d i s p l a c e m e n t d u e t o f o r m var i at ion exceeds the measur ing range of the detector, and X-axis mo t i o n i s n e c e s s a r y t o ma i n t a i n c o n t a c t w i t h t h e w o r k p i e c e surface. Measurement through X-axis tracking A c o l l i s i o n - s e n s i n g f u n c t i o n h a s b e e n added to the detector unit (when it is in t h e v e r t i c a l o r i e n t a t i o n ) t o p r e v e n t c o l l i s i o n i n t h e Z - a x i s d i r e c t i o n . A d d i t i o n a l l y , a n a c c i d e n t a l c o l l i s i o n p r e v e n t i o n f u n c t i o n , w h i c h s t o p s t h e s y s t e m w h e n t h e d e t e c t o r d i s p l a c e m e n t exceeds its range, has been added. When a n a c c i d e n t a l t o u c h i s d e t e c t e d , t h e dedicated analysis software (ROUNDPAK) s en s e s t he e r r o r and au t oma t i c a l l y s t op s the system. *: See this page for det ails about the continuous I D and OD measuring func tion. The detector-unit holder is equipped with a sliding mechanism, enabling one-touch measurement of a workpiece with a deep hole having a thick wall, which has been difficult with the conventional standard arm. The detector-unit holder can be stopped at a p o s i t i o n s u f f i c i e n t l y h i g h e r t h a n t h e w o r k p i e c e a l o n g t h e Z - a x i s , a n d t h e n l o w e r e d a n d p o s i t i o n e d t o m a k e m e a s u r e m e n t s . F u r t h e r m o r e , i n t e r n a l / external features can be easily measured w i t h t h e c o n t i n u o u s i n t e r n a l / e x t e r n a l measurement function*. Sliding distance: 112 mm High-level functions promote greater efficiency Even if a workpiece cannot be measured by phys ical ly r o t a t i n g i t b y a f u l l t u r n d u e t o s ome o b s t r u c t i o n (proj ec t ion) , segment s of the circumference can be measured. Partial circle measurement function D.A.T. (Digimatic Adjustment Table) 予備測定 心・水平のズレ量表示 簡単調整 心・水平出し完了 心出し調整範囲:±3mm 水平出し(傾き量)調整範囲:±1゜ Turntable axis 「A」、「B」2断面を予備測定 Initial misalignment of axes Turntable axis Workpiece Workpiece Initial misalignment of centers at turntable surface Feed the digital micrometer head of the turntable by the deviation displayed. Preliminary measurement Display of misalignments Simple adjustment Centering / leveling complete Centering range: ± 3 mm Leveling range of inclination: ± 1º Preliminary measurement of two cross-sections ’A’ and ‘B’. A guidance system (D.A.T. ) is incorporated into the turntables on the RA- 1600 mode l t o he l p t he ope r a t o r pe r f o rm manua l c en t e r i ng and leveling smoothly and simply. Continuous OD/ID measurement function Continuous internal/external m e a s u r e m e n t i s p o s s i b l e w i t h o u t c h a n g i n g t h e detector position. The sp i ra l -mode measurement func t i on comb i nes tab l e rotat i on and rec t i l inear ac t ion a l lowing cy l indr i c i ty , coax i a l i ty , and other measurement data to be loaded as a continuous data set. Spiral Measurement/Analysis Sp i ra l - mo d e c y l ind e r mea surement Safety mechanism provided as a standard feature Sliding detector-unit holder (Option) Equipped with a highly accurate turntable that enables simple & accurate centering and leveling of the workpiece

4 A wide variety of parameters including those for r o u n d n e s s / c y l i n d r i c i t y , a s w e l l a s f l a t n e s s a n d parallelism, are provided as standard features. You can visually select these parameters using icons. ROUNDPAK also comes with specialized functions, such as the design value best-fit analysis function, the harmonic analysis function, and a function for r e c o r d i n g t h e p e a k o r t r o u g h p o i n t s o n a circumference. Data that has already been collected can be easily used for re-calculation, or deleted. Recalculation Dat a deletion A n o f f l i n e t e a c h i n g f u n c t i o n i s p r o v i d e d t o c r e a t e a p a r t p r o g r a m (measurement procedure) wi thout an a c t ua l me a s u r emen t t a r ge t , enab l i ng t h e u s e r t o v i r t u a l l y e x e c u t e t h e m e a s u r e m e n t o p e r a t i o n i n a 3 D simulation window. Analysis results such as cyl indricity and coaxial ity can be visual ly expressed in 3D graphics. Normal display Wire -frame display Sur face -map display Shading display Patent registered in Japan, USA Patent pending in Europe The customer can create reports in custom formats by specifying how the analysis results will be displayed, as well as the sizes and positions of graphics. The analysis result window can be directly ut i l i zed as a l ayout wi ndow. S i nce the measurement procedure , including the layout information, is saved, the entire process, from m e a s u r e m e n t s t a r t , c a l c u l a t i o n , r e s u l t s a v i n g , a n d f i n a l l y t o printing, can be automatically executed. Roundness/Cylindricity measurement /Analysis software ROUNDPAK ROUNDPAK provides simple manipulation using a mouse and icons Simple operations even with a full set of parameters and analysis functions Freedom in laying out the graphics and data obtained from measurements A wide variety of graphics functions Off-line measurement procedure programming function Machine Control View Workpiece View Part Program List Operation Coodinates View Icon View Result View

5 Interchangeable Styli*2 Optional detector holders Double length detector holder: 12AAF203 Large diameter detector holder: 12AAF204 Sliding detector holder: 12AAL090 137.5 17 260 30 82.5 15 175 30 137.5 43 160 30 15 177 77.3 105 20 17 22.5 70.5 42 95 30 112 19.4 15 137.5 185 Unit: mm Unit: mm Unit: mm Type St andard (St andard acces sor y) Notch Deep groove Corner Cut ter mark O rd er N o. 12 A AL 021 12 A AL 022 12 A AL 023 12 A AL 024 12 A AL 025 St y lus t ip ø 1.6 mm tungs ten carbide ø 3 mm tungs ten carbide SR 0. 25 mm s apphire SR 0. 25 mm s apphire tungs ten carbide Dimensions (mm) 66 ø 4 5.5 ø1.6 t u n g s t e n c a r b i d e 66 ø 4 7 ø 3 t u n g s t e n c a r b i d e 105° 66.7 ø 4 9.5 7.8 SR0.25 (sapphire) 150° 66 ø 4 9.5 SR0.25 (sapphire) 105° 66.7 ø 4 0.5 ø2 9.5 R15 R1 Type Small hole (ø 0.8) Small hole (ø 1.0) Small hole (ø 1.6) E x tra small hole (Depth 3 mm) ø1.6 mm ball O rd er N o. 12 A AL 026 12 A AL 027 12 A AL 028 12 A AL 029 12 A AL 030 St y lus t ip ø 0 . 8 m m tungs ten ca rbide ø 1 m m tungs ten carbide ø 1.6 mm tungs ten carbide ø 0.5 mm tungs ten carbide ø 1.6 mm tungs ten carbide Dimensions (mm) 66 ø4 12 ø0.8 tungsten carbide 66 ø4 ø1 tungsten carbide 66 ø1.2 ø 4.5 40 ø1.6 t u n g s t e n c a r b i d e 66 ø4 3 ø0.5 tungsten carbide 66 ø 4 20 ø1.6 t u n g s t e n c a r b i d e Type Disc Crank (ø 0.5) Crank (ø 1.0) Flat sur face 2X- long t ype *1 O rd er N o. 12 A AL 031 12 A AL 032 12 A AL 033 12 A AL 034 12 A AL 035 St y lus t ip ø 1 2 m m tungs ten carbide ø 0.5 m m tungs ten carbide (Depth 2.5 mm) ø1 mm tungsten carbide (Depth 5.5 mm) tungs ten carbide ø 1.6 mm tungs ten carbide Dimensions (mm) 66 ø4 0.5 ø12 66 ø4 2.5 ø0.5 tungsten carbide 66 ø4 5.5 ø1 tungsten carbide 66 ø4 ø2 5 0.5 R1 146 ø 4 5.5 ø1.6 t u n g s t e n c a r b i d e Type 3X- long t ype *1 3X- long t ype deep groove *1 St y lus shank S t y l u s s h a n k ( s t a n d a r d g r o o v e ) St y lus shank(2X- long groove)*1 O rd er N o. 12 A AL 0 41 12 A AL 0 4 2 12 A AL 0 4 3 12 A AL 0 4 4 12 A AL 0 45 St y lus t ip ø 1.6 m m tungs ten carbide SR 0. 25 mm s apphire For mounting CMM stylus (mounting thread M2) For mounting CMM stylus (mounting thread M2) For mounting CMM stylus (mounting thread M2) Dimensions (mm) 226 ø4 5.5 ø1.6 tungsten carbide 226 ø4 3.5 SR0.25 (sapphire) 56 ø4 M2 Depth 5 66 ø4 3.5 M2 146 ø4 3.5 M2 *1 : Mea s u r i ng i s on l y po s s i b l e i n t he v e r t i c a l d i r e c t i on . *2 : Cu s t omi z ed s pe c i a l i n t e r c hange ab l e s t y l i a r e a v a i l ab l e on r eque s t . P l e a s e c on t a c t an y Mi t u t o y o o f f i c e f o r mo r e i n f o rma t i on . Type 2X- long t ype notch *1 2X- long t ype deep groove *1 2X- long t ype corner *1 2X- long t ype cut ter mark *1 2X- long t ype small hole *1 O rd er N o. 12 A AL 036 12 A AL 037 12 A AL 03 8 12 A AL 039 12 A AL 0 4 0 St y lus t ip ø 3 mm tungs ten carbide SR 0. 25 mm s apphire SR 0. 25 mm s apphire tungs ten carbide ø 1 m m tungs ten carbide Dimensions (mm) 146 ø4 7 ø3 tungsten carbide 105° 146.3 ø4 9.5 7.8 SR0.25 (sapphire) 150° 145.9 ø4 9.5 SR0.25 (sapphire) 105° 146.3 ø4 0.5 9.5 ø2 R15 R1 146 ø4 ø1 tungsten carbide Optional Accessories

6 Optional Accessories Optical flat and gage block set 997090 Reference hemisphere 211-016* * Standard accessory for RA-1600 Auxiliary stage 356038 When measuring roundness and cylindricity, the measurement r e s u l t s c a n b e s i g n i f i c a n t l y a f f e c t e d b y e n v i r o n m e n t a l disturbances such as vibration. To prevent this, we invite you to choose ei ther a desktop- type or desk- type vibrat ion i solator which is to be used in combination with a monitor arm and a side table. •Vibration isolator (integrated stand and air suspension system) 178-188 •Monitor arm 12AAK120*1 •Side table 178-181*1 Vibration isolator Magnification calibration gage 211-045 Used for normalizing detector magnification by calibrating detector travel against displacement of a micrometer spindle. • Maximum calibration range: 400 µm • Graduation: 0.2 µm • External dimensions (WxDxH): 235 (max) x 185 x 70 mm • Mass: 4 kg Cylindrical square 350850 •Straightness: 1 µm •Cylindricity: 2 µm • External dimensions (DxH): ø70 x 250 mm •Mass: 7.5 kg Quick chuck (ring operated) 211-032 Su i t ab l e for ho l d i ng sma l l pa r t s with easy-to-operate knurled-ring clamping. • Holding capacity: Internal jaws: OD = ø1 - ø36 mm, ID = ø16 - ø69 mm External jaws: OD = ø25 - ø79 mm • External dimensions (DxH): ø118 x 41 mm • Mass: 1.2 kg Three-jaw chuck (key operated) 211-014 Suitable for holding longer parts and those requ i r i ng a re l at i ve l y powerful clamp. • Holding capacity: Internal jaws: OD = ø2 - ø35 mm, I D = ø25 - ø68 mm External jaws: OD = ø35 - ø78 mm • E x t e r n a l d i m e n s i o n s ( D x H ) : ø157 x 70.6 mm • Mass: 3.8 kg Desk type Desktop type* 178-025 Micro chuck 211-031 Used for clamping a workpiece (less than ø1 mm dia.) that the centering chuck cannot handle. • Holding capacity: ø0.2 - ø1.5 mm • External dimensions (DxH): ø107 x 48.5 mm • Mass: 0.6 kg *Measuring unit and controller not included. Monitor arm*1 12AAK120 V ibrat i on is o lato r (De sk t y p e) 178 -18 8 Si de t ab l e*1 178 -181 *1: Used together with vibration isolator (178-188) *2: Measuring unit, controller and analysis system not included. *3: User to provide a printer rack. Example combination*2: with a monitor arm but no side table*3 Example combination*2: with a side table but no monitor arm

7 Specifications Specifications Dimensions Model No. RA-1600 Turnt able unit Rot ational accurac y Radial direc tion (0.02+6H/10000) µm H: Probing height (mm) JIS B7451-1997 A x ial direc tion (0.02+6X/10000) µm X : Dis t ance from the center of rot ation (mm) Rot ational speed 4, 6, 10 rpm Table diameter ø150 mm Centering / leveling adjus tment D.A.T. Centering adjus tment range ±3 mm Leveling adjus tment range ±1 ° Maximum loading 25 kg Ma x imum probing diameter ø280 mm Ma x imum workpiece diameter ø560 mm Ver tical drive unit ( Z-a x is column unit) Straightnes s of drive Narrow range 0.20 µm / 100 mm Wide range 0.30 µm / 300 mm Parallelism with turnt able a x is 1.5 µm / 300 mm Traver se speed Ma x. 15 mm/s (Measurement: 0.5, 1, 2, 5 mm/s) Ma x imum probing height (I D / OD) 300 mm*1 Ma x imum probing depth over ø 32 91 mm (with s t andard s t y lus) over ø 7 50 mm (with s t andard s t y lus) Radial drive unit ( X-a x is arm unit) Straightnes s of drive 2.7 µm / 140 mm Perpendicularity to turntable axis 1.6 µm / 140 mm Traver se range amount 165 mm (From t able a x is -25 mm ~ +14 0 mm) Traver se speed Ma x. 8 mm /s (measurement: 0.5 , 1, 2, 5 mm /s) Detec tor Measuring force 10 ~ 50 mN (5 level switching) ( I D/OD measur ing posi t ion wi th s t andard s t y lus) Measuring range St andard ±400 µm / ±40 µm / ±4 µm Tracking ±5 mm T ip shape, material ø 1.6 mm tungs ten carbide O ther IN/OUT one-touch switching, Stylus angle scale markings (±45 °), Z-axis collision detection function O ther Power supply 100 V ~ 240 V Power consumption 80 W Air pres sure 0.39 MPa Air consumption 22 L/min (s t andard s t ate) Mas s of main unit (NE T ) 170 kg *1: Use an optional auxiliary stage for measuring a workpiece whose height is 20 mm or less. Unit: mm 70 Max.890 350 105 390 655 840 490 ø150 130 230

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